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Nancy Pelosis Historical Hypocrisy is Bad For America


Not Everyone in Lebanon Welcomes Ahmadinejad

Thousands have cheered the arrival of Iranian President Ahmadinejad in Lebanon on Wednesday. The 2 day visit is expected to boost Hezbollah's position in Lebanon.


Iran-Syria Bloc Consolidates Alliance With Turkish Regime and Hold Over Lebanon

By Barry Rubin

Here's one more in a whole series of Iranian and Syrian statements that Turkey--which means the current Islamist-oriented regime in Ankara--is now a strategic ally of these two radical states.

BREAKING NEWS David Axelrod is Revealed to Have Beastiality Problem

There is a dangerous trend moving through the top most ranks of the Obama administration, and no I am not talking about Socialism. Just because this progressive administration believes that government should control industry and our personal lives does not mean that our President is a socialist.

Joy Behar Leads Walkout During The View OReilly Interview- 24 Hours of Behar Stupidity

Joy Behar comedienne/turned political commentator with her own show on Headline News, so often turns out to be unintentional comic relief. It's a wonder how someone this ignorant is let out of the house without wearing a helmet. And she is on two different TV shows. What, did everyone else in the

Israel is Concerned About What Obama Will Attempt in 2011

by Barry Rubin

While I have my own point of view (which I will come to in a few paragraphs) I also think you should know what sophisticated analysts are saying in Israel about the current U.S. government when they aren't speaking in public. They are extremely concerned

Judges Decision To Allow Obamacare Suit Blasts Government For Mandate/Tax Flip-Flop

Back in Sept 2009, during one of those rare times George Stephanopoulos actually challenged a Democratic Party position, the ABC commentator argued against the president's contention that the individual mandate in Obamacare was not a tax increase. Once the oppressive piece of

Good Riddance Desmond Tutu

Last week Archbishop Desmond Tutu celebrated his 79th birthday, with an announcement that he was retiring from public life to spend more time with family and  personal interests.

Orlando Sentinel Endorses Webster-Says Alan Grayson is an Embarrassment

Even before his campaign for reelection began running an ad that

Philly book publisher the BRAAAINS behind phenom

Philadelphia's indie publisher Quirk Books is the BRAAAINS! behind zombie mashup phenom The undead have created a whole new life for Quirk Books, the brains — or rather the BRAAAINS! — behind the monster best-seller "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies." Quirk, an independent publisher that started with a series of tongue-in-cheek guides for surviving highly [...]


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