Student gets Suspended after Hugging Teacher

1Sam McNair, a 17 year old student was suspended for sexual harassment after hugging a teacher in Duluth Georgia. He is a senior and said all that it was just an innocent hug and nothing more. He thought his hug might’ve helped out the teacher since well you never know what someone is going through and how a hug might help.

After hugging the teacher, Sam found himself suspended from high school and putting his future plans in jeopardy. The mother admits that they are putting his scholarship at jeopardy.   His mother claims that they sort of call them selves the huggers since it’s in their nature but was utterly shocked that he would get suspended for that long due to an innocent hug.

The surveillance video shows Sam putting his hands around the teacher, then hugging her and then her pulling away. The teacher in question claimed his lips touched her neck and that she had warned him in the past about his hugging. When asked by the reporter whether he kissed the teacher in which Sam replied no.  He says he’s hugged many of his teachers and even in fact his teacher who never gave him any warning.

2The school did go on to state that in fact the past history of the students, police testimony and the situation at hand all come into play and determine the length of suspension.

She also stated that if parents don’t like the outcome then they can appeal to a decision panel.

Sam has stated that he only had 5 months left in his senior year and could not understand why they would do this to him at this time. His mother stated that she will fight the decision appeal and should have been notified of his past hugging if it were in fact a problem.  Instead of threatening his future and his scholarship. His mother then went on to Facebook and posted a change petition calling the board to reconsider and actually had more than 200 signatures by Monday evening.

The online public reaction to Sam McNair’s punishment seems to be somewhat mixed.  Those who believe it’s too severe and those who are looking into his past to see what more may lay behind.

Sue Scheff, a parenting advocate has said that the zero tolerance is a bit severe however she would like to look into Sam’s past and what his prior suspensions were all about. But she did go on to taste that hugging is not a form of sexual harassment unless with further intention which she did not see in this case.

1Other Commentators do believe though if the teacher had complaint about this incident prior then that is the key point here. One commentator was noted as saying he couldn’t believe what the world had come into when simple hugs can’t even be exchanged.  The whole situations seems to have been taken out of context.  Sam himself stated that something so innocent should not have been perceived as something completely opposite, it was uncalled for.

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Sochi 2014 Olympic Threats

1As the Olympics in Sochi are approach so do threats that are linked to Russia according to the United States. The games begin this week and it seems that there are discrepancies being attached to the event. Direct Flights to Russia are currently being advised of possibilities of explosive materials that may be concealed in such things as toothpastes and cosmetics warns the United States. It has been brought to their attention that these are the small ways in which they believe small explosives will be transferred.  So they are warning flights and air crews of such things and assuring them to be aware of such existence at this time. New Intelligence information was parlayed due to the Olympics in Sochi which are coming up this week. There are no threats known to the United States, this is more solely to Air Flights direct to Russia.

For caution purposes such information is shared with domestic and international partners and those associated such as the Sochi Olympics. They believe in sharing this information as a way to keep everyone in the know and so that those wishing to visit Russia to air on the side of caution.  At this time the threats are very high and it is crucial for everyone to keep this in mind when making travel arrangements.

The President of the United States has advised that it is not safe to Visit the Olympics at this time. They have informed the public that should the news change or be accessed then they will make a formal public statement clearing it being a safe zone to visit. They have disclosed that attacks may be launched which is why it may be unsafe to travel to Russia at this time.

2They say that there are a number of threats at this time that they are tracking due to the credibility of the source.  The sources working with the States have sources close who are currently deeming it as unsafe. United States is closely monitoring the threats with the Russians. They are taking the precautionary measures to ensure the public’s safety.

Senate John Kerry, has been heard saying that the Olympics are a great game and that anyone wishing to go is free to do so. That they are not telling anyone not to go. It’s up to the public and how safe they feel about attending such an event at this time. They are obviously not trying to discourage the public from visiting Russia or to attend the Olympics they are however airing on the side of caution given the information they have been provided and are looking out for everyone’s best. They will work with the sources and deem it safe to travel when time comes and should that be the case which they are hoping to happen in the next few weeks. So just keep an ear out if you are planning to Travel to Russia in the next little while. Just something for everyone to keep in mind.

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Losses and Wins of the Budget Deal

1On Tuesday in Washington, the Senate Murray- Ryan budget plan passed the Vote. The slender 77 page will in fact affect million of Americans. It will affect fees, programs and the whole economy in the many years to come.

The winners will be: Of course The Pentagon as smiles were strewn about.  Thanks to Murray budget plan the hatched has been down sized tremendously. Deal initiates billions in cuts so that the military desriction will go up billions in the next year. After years spend negotiating, spending temporary bills this two year deal allows admirals and generals to plan ahead working side by side.

As the deal passes Senate Vote, the federal employees are affected.  As it cuts down the chances of a shutdown for january 2014. A tech bill would allow those married with kids to obtain health benefits plus one.The current law only allows for single or family plans.

This will help those who are funded for the meals on wheels program.  The way the numbers will play out is still unknown. This will allow for two years of help to determine the next moves and the ability to build more help and action. The TSA (also known as The Transportation Security Administration) also win in this situation as they get increased security fees. Giving more reliable funding at this point.  American Reputation would get salvaged as for 3 years the government has had fiscal to fiscal crises. This sends out the message that even a divided government can get together and work together for a better future.

The Losers would be undortunately the millitary as this deal gives them less retirement if you’re less than 62. Level under inflation is where the cost of living would end up.

1New Federal Jobs would be affected meaning if you start your new job after January 1st then your pay would be cut by 1.3%. It would mean a mandatory contribution to the pension fund. The unemployed would as well be affected because as time is ticking the bill does nothing to help those on unemployment benefit Expiring this month for 1.3 million Americans.
This will affect the air travels as you will be responsible to pay $5.60 for a one way ticket. As this will boost the TSA Security and thus your safety. The airlines used to pay this fee but companies are already admitting that the personell travelling will have to cover this fee.

Another loss will be for the gas and oil company. They are approximated to loss $50 million for research program or backdoor in which they used to pay to get federal funding.

Overall, this will affect the U.S in the long run in medical and social security. They may both be sitting silence at the moment but in the decades to come they will become a huge threat financially to the economy and the federal budget.  This bill is for current changes and does not address the coming years and how many problems may occur as a result.

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Corsets & Sexy lingerie Stores Gaining Popularity

1Computers are no longer just used for data processing purposes, they have evolved and the internet world has come a long way. They are not only used for work purposes but for entertainment, gaming portables and online shopping. Computers give us a way to go online and search for products we need hassle free at the touch of a button. You have the ability to find what you are looking for half way around the world and actually have it delivered. E-commerce is the greatest source to providing us with all our online needs. You can order food, buy tickets, movie tickets, pay bills or even buy groceries.  Nowadays you don’t even need a computer to buy or make these transactions a smartphone or PDA can do the same.  Phones such as the iPhone, Android, iPads etc. They allow you to shop faster and easier and from anywhere.  Such as from work, a night out or simply when visiting a friend.  If you need it now it’s right there, you don’t even have to wait to go home or be near a computer. This is in regards to people wanting this better and faster.  This is the reason why businesses need a prominent online presence in order to be found quickly and not trampled by other competitors.

Not only do the E-commerce sites have to be fast but compatible on all the smartphones available. As the mobile world seems to be gaining much popularity daily. Fast internet speed is a must to E-commerce businesses.  It’s an ever evolving world and the tech world needs to be instant.   Some people are also reaching out for the internet to find out information about sexy dresses online by going to blogs such as

2E-commerce sites are there to offer customers what they need or want at the touch of button hassle free.  So fast shipping and good prices are very important. Consumers use the internet to search for what they want and make their choices by comparing shops and prices. Online Stores help give customers options, ease and save money without having to physically go searching.  So many online stores are gaining popularity such as Orchid Dreams,  and which sells women’s apparel such as Corsets, Clubwear, sexy lingerie and cocktail dresses. Their wide selection of high quality products at such low costs and free shipping has made them a popular choice for online shoppers.

Traditional way of promoting has also changed since so many now rely on social marketing such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, youtube are just to name a few. Online stores are able to showcase their merchandise to consumers instantly. E-commerce sites have gained tremendous popularity since the social media rise.  Technology jut keeps on evolving with the introduction of the smart TV’s which allow consumers to shop online making it even more simpler.

So as you can see computers have come a long way.  They have evolved into something even much bigger.  They are no longer just used to swipe data or for work purposes but in fact to shop, browse and enjoy yourself. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the online world.

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